To shoot or not to...

Hey everyone,

Sorry for such a long wait! Been busy. So just a update just got a new macbook pro 2019 15 in to simplify all my task at hand and this summer I'm looking to acquire a bunch of new camera equipment. But anyhow To shoot or not to shoot is the real question here. I have grown a lot as a free lance photographer, with so much more that I have to learn. Its a art that is ever evolving everyday, week, year. A problem that I tend to come across is whether or not I wanna take the photo. I find also many cool area's but tend to not get a good enough shoot because lighting might not be right, camera focus etc. Its frustrating to say the least. But thats the fun in this art is to find that right shot. Patience is a key factor to anything that we do in our life's and one that photography will sure teach you. So anyone out there who is just getting started, patience.