Hey everyone, so sorry for such a long wait on a new post. Been doing a lot of background work on my webpage and facebook to make it more easy for everyone. I hope to soon have our webpage up with new languages. Now onto business as usual. COVID-19... This virus has slowed our photography down as we bunker down and social distant ourself. We have plans to photograph the cherry blossom bloom in Washington DC. This was cut short of course because of such a high rate of infection in the city. As long as things go as planned I'm planning a AstroPhotography shoot in DC this summer. Still exploring the details and if it will be possible with so much light pollution. But I will kept everyone updated. For anyone who wants to try this very specific type of photography I highly recommend you check out the App Photo-pills. It's available on IOS and Android. Extremely helpful in planning your shoots and also lots of teaching to help you with your shooting. On another note please stay be smart and stay inside, kept washing your hands and only leave if needed.